Artist – Stuart James

Stuart is an artist based in Carshalton in Greater London and has a passion for all things Arty.

A self taught artist and photographer as well as a life casting artist, capturing elements of the human form in player and resin.

Life casting involves taking a detailed mould of the body using either Alginate or a Skin safe Silicone that is then covered in a plaster bandage shell to support the soft mould when casting.

The final casts are made of various materials from plaster of Paris or concrete, resins which can contain metal powders to give the effect of a traditional liquid metal cast but in a lightweight form. These finishes can be aged and worked on to create the final piece.

Stuart’s art explores a wide range of subjects, but he has a particular passion for the sea and costal areas as well as the human form, and his photography focuses on dramatic lighting and contrasting shadows.

Stuart also enjoys life drawing.